Sowa Rigpa: The Foundations

Huom! Tiibetiläisen lääketieteen perusopetuksia on tulossa online opetuksina Dr. Nidan kanssa 18.5-7.8.2020. Ilmainen intro on 11.5 ja viimeinen ilmoittautumispäivä näihin opetuksiin on 17.5.2020.

HUOM! koska kaikki eivät ole löytäneet online opintojen hintatietoja, niin tässä varmuudeksi suora linkki tähän tietoon =>

Online opetusten ilmoittautuminen ja hintatieto

Esittely opinnoista 11.5 oli siis ilmainen, varsinaiset opinnot eivät ole ilmaisia.

Sorig Institute is very happy to announce a new upcoming training in Tibetan Medicine with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang:

Sowa Rigpa: The Foundations

108 hours/ Three months

36 Live Interactive Webinars


To learn more and enroll in full course please visit:

Following the text The Tibetan Book of Health by Dr. Nida Chenagtsang,
this course will guide students through a study of:

- Tibetan Medical Philosophy: The Five Elements, Three Humors, Balance
of Body, Energy, Mind and Causes of Imbalance.

- The Tibetan Art of Diagnosis: Observation, Urine and Pulse analysis,
Questioning of Patient.

- Five Methods of Treatment: Diet, Lifestyle, Herbal Remedies, External
Therapies, Spiritual Healing


MAY 18TH - AUGUST 7TH, 2020
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays


8 - 11AM | Los Angeles (PST)

10AM - 12PM | Mexico City

11AM - 2PM | New York (EST)

4 - 7PM | London/ UK

5 - 8PM | Rome/ Central Europe

In order to get the most out of this course it is highly recommended to
attend the webinars live. However if this is not possible due to time zone or
other restrictions, the course may be followed via the recordings which all
registrants gain access to.

Homework assignments and monthly pass/ fail quizzes will be administered
to assess attendance and progress. Certificate of completion will be granted by
the Sorig Institute upon attendance of all modules (live or recorded) and
completion of all quizzes and homework assignments.

Commitment to the complete 108 hour training is required to join this
course. Individual modules are not open for drop ins or auditors. A limited
number of scholarships are available by application.


Join us for a free intro with Dr. Nida on May 11th!

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